SmartyPants and
the Swordfish

Presented by ART:DIS and Gateway Arts

Written by Jean Tay

Directed by Samantha Scott-Blackhall & Tan Beng Tian

This is a collaborative and inclusive casting, with artists with disabilities performing alongside mainstream actors to bring this play to life.

This 90-minute programme included post-show discussion segments and were conducted from 20-24 March, 2024.


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Creative Captioning and Creative Audio Description were made available during the performance. Speech-to-Text-Interpretation is provided for post-show dialogue, and SgSL Interpretation were available upon request. In-ear devices for audio description and Touch Tour were also available upon request, with limited devices and slots per show. 


From the award-winning playwright that brought you Boom and Everything but The Brain, Jean Tay’s SmartyPants and the Swordfish is a compelling immersive, interactive and inclusive theatre play that delves into Singapore’s history while taking a constructive look at the issue of bullying.

With acclaimed directors Samantha Scott-Blackhall and Tan Beng Tian at the helm, the story opens with a group of students investigating the legend of Redhill, probing to uncover how a young kampung boy met his demise at the hands of a jealous sultan. As they peel back the layers of this age-old tale, they uncover hidden truths, meet evil advisors and even fend off an attack by swordfishes!

Featuring a collaborative staging between mainstream actors and artists with disabilities, who will be manoeuvring colourful puppets to bring the play to life, the diverse casting underpins the importance to have empathy and respect for one another, regardless of differences.

SmartyPants and the Swordfish does not just re-tell history. Through a post-show dialogue, it engages young audiences to explore the dynamics of power and learn how to prevent bullying. The play further provides a platform for intellectually disabled artists to showcase their skills, gain professional experience and be recognised as equal contributors to the creative process.

Post-Show Materials

Gateway Arts is dedicated to delivering a holistic learning journey for children and youths. Our meticulously crafted post-show segment allows them to delve into intricate themes and cultivate a deeper appreciation for essential values.

SmartyPants and the Swordfish sheds light on the prevalent issue of bullying, offering young audiences valuable insights on how to recognise and address it effectively.



Alexavier Ang
Claris Tan
Filmer Tan
Isaac Tan
Janel Jiang
Jeremy Leong
Johanna Van
Mary Tan
Periyachi Roshini
Timothy Lee
Wayne Lim
Zaini Hassan

Producers: ARTDIS (Singapore) Ltd & Gateway Arts Ltd
Directors: Samantha Scott-Blackhall & Tan Beng Tian
Playwright: Jean Tay
Set Design: Samantha Scott-Blackhall
Lighting Design: Petrina Dawn Tan
Sound Design: Daniel Wong
Puppet Design: Ling Jia Le & Shawne Yzelman
Props: Jessy Choo
Costume: Theresa Chan
Creative Caption: Shai & Joanna Ong
Audio Description: Seren Chen
Movement Coach: Zhuo Zihao
Creative Acces & Artistic Collaboration Advisor: Peter Sau

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