12 Going On 13

A production by Gateway Arts

12 Going On 13 is available as a live programme for school, community, and group bookings from January 2024.

The programme is conducted in October and November 2024.

Usual Price

$35 per ticket

Contact us at grace@gatewayarts.sg for more information.


Shan is 12 going on 13. This is a big year for her. A significant year.

This year—today—she finds herself at the edge of a precipice.

What is a pre-ci-pice?

This is a word she learnt recently while studying for the exams.

Precipice: a very steep rock face or cliff, especially a tall one.

Scary sounding.

Scary feeling.

Shan is not literally at the edge of a steep tall cliff.

It just feels like it; a place wholly unfamiliar.

12 Going On 13 is a story for those of us who find ourselves in a place where the weight of expectations crashes against waves of uncertainty. Where fears of failing and falling seem larger than ever. Where we feel the smallness of being in a vast and overwhelming world. Ultimately, 12 Going On 13 is a story about accepting change, overcoming anxiety, and finding the courage and community to help one arrive at that hopeful place of solid ground.

Returning in 2024, 12 Going On 13 is an immersive theatre production that shows children how to ask for help when they need it, and to find strength in their community.



Actor: Tan Rui Shan

Actor: Adib Kosnan

Actor: Tanya Ang

Actor: Jeremy Leong

Musician/Performer: Claris Tan

Producer: The Entity (Woo Hsia Ling)

Director: Ian Loy

Scriptwriter: Michelle Tan

Music Composition: Zeeaura

Set & Lighting Designer: Petrina Dawn Tan

Learning & Engagement Specialist: Peggy Ferroa

Production & Stage Manager (Phase 1): Victoria Anna Wong

Production & Stage Manager (Phase 2 and 3): Juraidah Bte Rahman

Assistant Stage Manager (Phase 2): Nurul Khatima

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