Support Us – You Can Make A Difference

Our mission to ‘Nurture Performing Hearts’ is one that seeks not only to encourage and support the next generation of performing artists in their creative expression, ideas and ideals, but also to shine a light on current social issues amongst children and youth, through works produced by Gateway Arts that encourage conversation, provoke positive thought, and inspire change for the better.

If you believe, as we do, in the ability of the performing arts to strengthen social relationships and community, fuel conversation, instil values and imbue young people with self-expression, confidence and charisma, we invite you to become a Friend, a Guardian or a Sponsor of Gateway Arts. In so doing, you will be supporting artistic youth who have important things to say, the talent to say it well, and a burning ambition to make a difference.

Surviving COVID-19

 Gateway Arts has taken a big hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with substantial financial losses from the suspension, postponement and cancellation of our programmes. Arts activities continue to be limited by strict Safe Distancing Measures that vary in severity with the ever-changing situation. With this uncertainty, the future of our company, along with the livelihoods of all those who work with us, is at stake. As a small and emerging non-profit arts organisation, Gateway Arts’ future depends on the proceeds and ticket sales from our programmes and theatre productions, as well as the generous support of our donors and sponsors. Your contribution will make a real difference.

Other Ways of Giving:

For donations of $300 and above, you can enjoy perks as a Friend or Guardian of Gateway Arts. For donations of $299 and below, please click here

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