Kindness & Empathy

Fostering Positivity in Children and Youth

In a diverse and multicultural nation like Singapore, kindness and empathy serve as the bedrock for fostering understanding, compassion, and unity among its people. At Gateway Arts, we recognise that cultivating kindness and empathy is essential for fostering inclusive communities and nurturing positive social change. By addressing themes of kindness and empathy in our productions and arts programmes, we aim to instill these values in the hearts and minds of children and youth.


Community Engagement and Outreach

A culture of empathy is crucial in today’s society. We hope that, through the engaging art of storytelling, songs and interaction, our audience will be enlightened on the value of human kindness. Moreover, that they will take on the responsibility of showing respect and love to one another—perhaps even helping people around them to do the same.

In November 2021, we released the original theatrical film, Behind The Wall which was adapted to stage by award-winning playwright Jean Tay based on the children’s book “Who’s Behind That Wall?” written by Kim Eun-Hee.

In December 2021, Gateway Arts’ Gift A Gift initiative saw 1,000 care packs (of essential items such as toiletries, masks, hand sanitisers) provided to migrant workers on International Migrants’ Day. Together with our partner, HealthServe, the care packs were packed and distributed for beneficiaries.

Shows about Kindness & Empathy

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