I and You

(School Bookings)

Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Samantha Scott-Blackhall
Starring Evangel Wong and Zulfiqar Izzudin


Youth Day Promotion

15 per student (< 50pax)

10 per student (> 50pax)

Digital Programme

A play for teenagers about negotiating the crazy world we live in today.

This programme is eligible under the Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy.
Prices exclude post-show workshops.

Why Watch This Show?

This play encourages teenagers to think about how they want to live their lives. And what is truly important in this ever-changing (COVID) world.”– Samantha Scott-Blackhall, Director This play addresses many pressing and important issues affecting teenagers today, including:
  • The need for community and “in-person” relationships, especially in a COVID world.
  • Teens that live in a cyber world and the negative effects it has on one’s ability to connect to others.
  • Social anxiety and social withdrawal that may discourage a lower level of intimacy and sense of companionship in young people’s friendships.
  • Mental wellness amongst teenagers who isolate themselves (in their rooms/homes) and rely on the internet, social media, games, Google as their primary source of external connection.
  • The coming-of-age for an iGen
  • Identifying and then fighting for your dreams and passions

Click here to read the full synopsis. 

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