About This Programme

The Monster in the Mirror Musical is a comical but touching 90-minute original pop musical film that aims to empower the youths of today by addressing important and relevant issues like self-love and identity-building. This programme is developed by Bitesize Theatre Productions, under the Gateway Arts Collective-in-Residence Programme 2020.


Jane, a lonely insecure 16-year-old secondary school student, is constantly bullied in school and scolded at home by her overbearing mother. Worse still, she is continually tormented by the self-critical voices in her head.

That is, until she receives a magic mirror from a flamboyant fairy god deliveryman. The mirror splits her into two, separating all the things she hates about herself into a monstrous version of her. With newfound confidence, Jane is thrust into social media stardom and wins the affection of the school’s heart-throb.

However, Jane must now deal with her increasingly obsessive monster, who threatens to reveal all her darkest secrets. Can Jane confront her deepest guilt and self-contempt before the monster takes over? Or will she be able to learn how to forgive and love herself?’



Group Bookings: Schools, Youth Organizations and Corporates
(Eligible for Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy)

Contact us at hello@gateway.sg for more information.

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