Gateway Arts is proud to bring you an all-new digital education programme for primary school students. A digital theatre show that will help students better understand and appreciate migrant workers. Behind The Wall is a story of friendship, kindness and looking beyond differences that divide.

School Bookings

In line with MOE’s Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum, it consists of a streaming of an original 30-min play, Behind The Wall, followed by a 20-min post-show activity, inclusive of a Teacher’s Resource Pack!

With the support of the National Integration Council’s Community Integration Fund, in an effort to help this programme reach out to more students, you will be able to purchase Behind The Wall at two cohorts for the price of one!

This programme is also eligible under the Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy, and you can additionally save up to 50% of the programme cost.

What You Will Get

Specially designed for children, this 50-min digital programme scaffolds understanding for young minds by first presenting a heartwarming story, then opens up perspectives and understanding of our migrant workers with a pre-recorded post-show engagement activity, which includes:

  • A fun follow-along activity video
  • A Teacher’s Resource Pack and activity sheets*
  • An e-copy of the original book, Who’s Behind That Wall

*The Teacher’s Resource Pack and activity sheets make connections for children by helping them look at similarities across different cultures, and encouraging an openness to embracing diversity in ethnicity, culture, class, gender, or disability. Teachers will be equipped with a FAQ resource and instructional pack to guide the students in these activities.

How will this programme benefit students

  • It help students develop empathy to understand and respect others in our community
  • It encourages students to look at the similarities shared by people of different races and cultures, building a more inclusive society
  • It helps students reflect and respond to a community and national issue, as active and responsible citizens in a globalised world
  • It engages parents to think with their children about the contributions of migrant workers and show their appreciation
  • It educates through storytelling and the arts, teaching important values in an interactive and fun way

Exclusive School Packages Available

Ticket Price: $10/student
Special Promotion: $1000 for 2 cohorts* (Usual Promotion: $1000/cohort)
This programme is eligible under the Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy.

This programme will be available from November 2021 to December 2022.

*Each cohort caters to 150 students

To register for this programme, contact us at

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